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Write-in Candidates

There are no filing forms or fees required to run as a write-in candidate.  However, write-in candidates should notify the authority conducting the election in writing that they are conducting a write-in campaign. 

Write-in votes are not allowed in political party primaries or for President and Vice-president. 

A candidate who was defeated in a political party's primary may not actively offer or campaign as a write-in candidate for the ensuing election (S.C. Code of Laws Section 7-11-210).

The "write-in" space is always ordered to appear after any candidate names on the ballot.

Candidate names may be written in on voting machine ballots by touching the "write-in" space on the touchscreen.  When the "write-in" space is touched, a "write-in" screen appears featuring a touchscreen keyboard.  The voter types the name of the candidate using the keyboard and presses "accept" when finished.  When accept is touched, the screen returns to the ballot, and the candidate's name that was entered will appear under the appropriate office.

Candidate names may be written in on paper ballots using a pen or pencil.  The use of stickers or stamps to place the candidate's name on the ballot is not permitted.  The candidate's name must be hand-written by the voter or person providing authorized assistance.